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Lower your debt by up to 60% Make one, low monthly payment
Become debt free in 12-36 months About Us
Lower your debt by up to 60%
Make one, low monthly payment

We are a national debt settlement company specializing in helping individuals who are experiencing financial hardships and trying to avoid filing bankruptcy on their unsecured debt.

Our Company goal is to negotiate a settlement offer between you and your creditors that will eliminate your unsecured debt in 25 -36 months. Upon program completion, A Way Out Debt Settlement LLC will dramatically reduce your debts, including all fees, interest and late charges. Plus, relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with financial burden.

We are not a loan company, collection agency or consumer credit counseling organization. We work for our clients by negotiating a settlement of the lowest possible amount with your creditors.

Benefits from our program:

  • Settle your debt in 25 - 36 months.

  • Get the help you need with your creditors.

  • Get settlement amounts you can afford to pay.

  • Help you avoid filing bankruptcy.


Debts we can settle on are listed below:

  • Credit Cards

  • Collection Agencies

  • Collection Attorneys

  • Dental Bills

  • Hospital and Medical Bills

  • Merchant and Retail Store Cards

  • Professional Fees

  • Repossessed Car Loans

  • Unsecured Bank Loans

  • Unsecured Business Loans

  • Unsecured Lines of Credit

Debt we do not work with:

  • Any Loan Secured by Property

  • Automobile Loans

  • Child Support Payments

  • Equity Credit Lines

  • Mortgage

  • Student and SBA Loans

  • Unsecured Loans less than $5000.00

A way out of  debt

Keep in mind not everyone qualifies for our program. To find out if our program can help you, please call the toll free number below so one of our advisors can review your financial concerns.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for our program, please call our toll free number and get a consultation. Let our advisors go over the options you have to eventually regain control of your financial life. You are one phone call away from taking the first step.

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We will set you up with an affordable monthly payment, which is determined on a client-by-client basis.
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